September 2021 - Lifewater comes to Rwene area, Uganda Sponsored by The Aall Foundation

After a few month’s break, due to Covid restrictions in the African countries where we work, Lifewater activities were resumed during the summer. Some monitoring and reconditioning visits were made and we were able to carry out a couple of distributions serving villages in the Aall Foundation Villages Project.

The Rwene distribution took place from the 14_15th September 2021. The village we distributed in was Rukunyu town council village. The beneficiaries came from Mpanga 2, Rwempeche 3, Rwengoro 3, Rwempeche 1 and Businge cells all in Rwene which is found in Rukunyu town council in Kamwenge district.


Prior to the distribution dates, identification of beneficiaries was done by the Area Coordinator Pastor Tanasio, the AYA members and the Area Chairman. These moved around sensitizing the beneficiaries on the importance of the Lifewater systems they were to receive and also advised them to make proper stands. Due to their hard work and mobilization, by the time of our visit, 80 households already had made stands and the rest were promising to make them soon.

Our Team Leader demonstrating how the Lifewater Kit works - notice the difference in the water quality before and after filtering!

The area coordinator was so grateful that his area had again been considered for a distribution after a long time. He commended the AYA members for the effort they had put in in monitoring that led to this new distribution. More so we encouraged them to improve on the areas where they had been advised for the good of the community.


The Area Local Council Chairperson and Village Health Team workers were very grateful for the help the AALL foundation had extended to their village. They send their prayers for all those that worked behind the scenes to have this project reach them at no cost to themselves. The Chairperson promised to personally follow up the beneficiaries to see that they maintain the Lifewater systems in perfect condition.

A delighted recipient with his Lifewater System