Reconditioning and Monitoring Training in Rwanda, with The Aall Foundation

The Lifewater team comprising Caleb and Stephen, joined by Rita in Kigali, started the journey on Monday 8/08/22, travelled the whole day and we all arrived well to our destinations in Rwanda.

It was more than two years since the team visited Rwanda for a Lifewater exercise. This was due to political tensions between Rwanda and Uganda, and then Covid-19 that paralyzed movements in many nations. However, after much prayer, the Uganda and Rwanda relationship has improved. People are crossing borders without any resistance. We really thank God for the renewed peace.

The AYA team in Ahakabale, Kayonza District, was given reconditioning project training, explaining about new practices in Lifewater Village project monitoring:

  • Refreshing them about regular monitoring; the need to monitor, filling monitoring forms and reports, and financial logistics involved.
  • Introducing the Reconditioning Project to them; helping them to understand how it is a blessing to their village; how to carry it out and the period it takes; also, how to make monitoring reports and, finally, understanding financial appreciation given to AYA members for reconditioning monitoring.
  • Caleb meeting the key AYA youth leaders in Kayonza District, talking to them about new methods of handling and reporting the progress of the AYA programme.
The AYA Team and the Trainers
After training, AYA members visited a few homes for the practical part of their training.


  • AYA members testified that, even after a long time of covid restrictions, recipients still use their systems well.
  • AYA members appreciated the AYA programme because of the skills they received during the time of training.
  • The WI team leader, Emmanuel Gasabira, testified that the Rwanda Watchmen team is growing stronger than before. In fact, on our arrival, we found Watchmen having a two days’ refresher meeting (8th & 9th) in one of their churches.

Lifewater materials given to the AYA monitoring team:

The Ugandan Lifewater team came with the following monitoring materials for motivation and easy monitoring work:

  1. 3 x blue polo shirts for the local Team leaders.
  2. 10 x t-shirts (5 pink, 5 blue) for the AYA members who participated in the Lifewater training.
  3. 4 x raincoats and 1 umbrella from the Kasese office.
  4. Regular monitoring forms and report forms.
  5. Reconditioning monitoring forms.
  6. AYA monitoring forms


The leader of AYA Rwanda, Andrew Munana, on behalf of everyone, gave thanks for the training session they received. Members were encouraged by the new method of appreciation payments (receiving money through mobile money direct on their phones). Therefore, we hope that Emmanuel will find it easier to disburse payments after receiving the AYA MON 001 form to be filled in by Andrew.

We also extend our gratitude to Emmanuel Gasabira for the work he did coordinating the various trip activities. He also helped in interpreting the facilitators.

Finally, we appreciate the UK Board for planning, and The Aall Foundation for funding this trip, and having Rwanda at heart.