Africa Youth Award expands in Liberia with help from The Aall Foundation!

AYA in Liberia

Liberia AYA group

While the main Sierra Leone team was holding the Spiritual Transformation course in Liberia, (see the report here), on the 14th of March, 2021, the Sierra Leone AYA co-ordinator travelled visited the AYA group in Foyah to see and encourage them to carry out the work with all their heart and mind. 

Funding for this training, the printed materials and the visit of the Siaerra Leone team was generously provided by The Aall Foundation, as part of their commitment to work of Transformed International in bringing hope and life skills to young people across Africa.

During the time of meeting on Friday 19th March, 2021, twenty-two (22) youths were in attendance 15 males and 7 females. At the end of the meeting, we travelled around the town to visit a few of the youths in their different areas of skill training.

Moreover, another new community was identified where AYA has already been established by the AYA team in Liberia, demonstrating the self-reproducing nature of the Africa Youth Award!

Sierra Leone Team in Liberia with AYA Training

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    This is quite good and amazing to hear.

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