The Aall Foundation Lifewater Villages Projects Resume!

How do you feel when you get your own clean water for the first time?
How you feel when you get your own clean water system!

Another 125 homes in Rukooki, Western Uganda!

Setting up the Distribution

In Kasese District, where Rukooki is located, a cholera outbreak is a near mainstay. At least it used to be. Every year for the past 13 years, Kasese District in western Uganda experienced cholera outbreaks in a somewhat cyclical process that entailed flooding, displacement to camps and then cholera would follow. This year, the floods came, thousands were displaced from their homes, but no single case of cholera.
Stephen Bagoma, the Assistant District Health Officer said, 
“This year we have so far experienced two sets of floods, but no water borne disease
outbreaks have been registered,”
Life water played a wonderful role in achieving this as we donated water filtration kits to the various camps that were set up in this area and other areas in Kasese district

Rukooki village is found in Kasese district. Its neighboured by river Nyamwamba which caused the recent floods and is the main source of water for people in this area. They also collect water from irrigation water collection points. They have been blessed with two distributions in the past and this is the third phase of the distribution they are getting.

The Rukooki phase 3 distribution sponsored by the AALL foundation begun on 4th February,2021 to 6th February 2021. It was carried out by Rita the Lifewater administrator, Kapipa Stephen the Stocker controller, Pastor Jane Mudde the Watchmen coordinator in Rukoki and the Rukoki Africa Youth Award members at Rukoki Christian Nursery school

Covid-secure training!

The distribution was carried out following the Standard operating procedures set up by the government due to the Corona virus pandemic.
 Hand washing with soap was compulsory for all on arrival
 all put on masks,
 had their temperature was taken on arrival,
 hands sanitized before signing on the recipient forms.
 Social distancing was maintained.
50 beneficiaries were given kits daily having 25 receive in the morning and 25 in the afternoon. A total of 125 beneficiaries received life water filtration kits in three days. These included the elderly, expectant mothers and many others.
All the beneficiaries were given a chance to have hands on training in setting up the kits. They had an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered.

Hands on at Rukooki

The Africa Youth Award members were very helpful in the distribution process. They helped in the making of holes, setting up the kits and training of the beneficiaries. We are grateful for this wonderful team which is committed to continued monitoring even after the distribution.

We informed them of the monitoring teams that will be coming to their homes to help them with any difficulties they would be facing with the filters. We also did spot on monitoring for a few homes and were happy to find the kits in use.

Area leaders and beneficiaries were very grateful for the help that had been expended to them. The informed us of how they had been patiently waiting for their turn and are glad they had now received.
Thank you AALL Foundation for making this possible!