The Aall Foundation Lifewater Refresh Continues

Team training and monitoring in Kabale, Uganda

In December 2020, the Lifewater core team and the Africa Youth Award (AYA) leader for Kasese, travelled to Kabale Kibanda which is located in the South-Western Uganda, bordering with Rwanda. Their main water sources are swamps, rainwater and local streams. This area has, so far, been blessed with two Lifewater Village distributions, sponsored by the Aall Foundation.


The AYA leader sensitized the local Lifewater team about what the Coronavirus is, its signs, how it spreads and how to avoid it. He informed them that each one of them was able to spread the virus if they caught it. He also asked them to make sure that they communicated this to the older members of the community, to protect themselves for the sake of their loved ones.

Covid training at Kabale Dec 2020

A Lifewater Core Team member then informed the local team about the Lifewater Village Reconditioning Project that the AALL Foundation had extended to the beneficiaries. He taught who were to receive the replacement parts for their Lifewater systems and also how the team were to keep the standard operating procedures set by the Ugandan government.

The monitoring team members were very grateful for this blessing. They said that during the lockdown they had heard from so many people requesting new kits and the few who had them were scared to share with others due to social distancing.

Another Lifewater Team member then trained the local team on how to fill out the monitoring forms and do the reporting. She informed them on how important it was to report accurately and on time.

Kabale training Dec 2020

After the training we visited some homes and we found people using the kits. Below are some of the testimonies we received. The village residents are mainly subsistence farmers. They are low-income earners who sell their food for a living. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic most of them lacked transport to move their produce to the markets cutting off their source of income since road transport was banned. With the lack of transport, movement to hospitals has been close to impossible. Those who had the Lifewater filtration systems were very grateful they had one less problem to worry about.

The local area leaders we met are very grateful for the Lifewater systems and requested that more be made available for the other members of the community. With the Government focusing on fighting Coronavirus having safe water to drink has helped cut down on other family health expenditures.

The village doctor who owns a drug shop in the village said he was supplying water to most of those who didn’t have the Lifewater systems yet. He testified that there were reduced cases of typhoid and other water-borne diseases in the area. He was very grateful that he had received replacement parts for his Lifewater system and said he would continue sharing water with those without clean water to drink.


Thank you The AALL foundation for making all this possible.

Thank you, The Aall Foundation!