Sironko Lifewater Distribution with The Aall Foundation February 2023


Budadiri West district was formerly part of Sironko district. It is found on the mountainous slopes of Mountain Elgon in Eastern Uganda and its residents are mainly coffee farmers. Budadiri district is one that has been affected by landslides in Uganda. These landslides have exposed the already vulnerable community to poor water and sanitation health as the water sources are contaminated.

With funding from The Aall Foundation, we were able to visit this area again in February 2023, and donate water filtration systems to  a further 125 beneficiaries from Bweri town council in Budadiri, with a focus on  the elderly, pregnant women, single mothers and disabled people, along with training in the use and maintenance of the systems, and basic WASH sanitation training.

The beneficiaries were taught how the systems work, how to set them up and maintain them. They were encouraged to pass on the information they had learnt to their family members so as to achieve sustainability. The need for proper stands was emphasized to the beneficiaries, and for proper hygiene in their homes and school.

Training in progress

The town mayor who is a former beneficiary of the Lifewater systems was present at the distribution. He was grateful for all the donations The AALL Foundation has extended to his area. He testified to the beneficiaries of how helpful the systems were to him and his family and encouraged them to use and maintain the systems so that they can enjoy they full benefits of the system.

The beneficiaries also gave a vote of thanks to the team and The AALL Foundation for the support they have received.

One elderly woman who had been waiting for long as different people benefited in the past said,

“I am so grateful that I have received this wonderful water filtration system. I am happy I get to drink clean water in my old age before I die.”

The inspector of schools for the disabled also requested that if there is another opportunity she would be grateful if more people of disabilities were considered.


After the distribution, the Lifewater core team met with the local Africa Youth Award team which carries out monitoring in Budadiri to evaluate the day and discuss any other concerns they have faced during the monitoring and reconditioning in the past.

On the first day the training was done by mainly the Lifewater core team with the assistance of interpreters and the second day was done by the native AYA members in the local dialect. This helped to save time.

Local AYA Team Member conducting a training session on day 2

In the meeting, Transformed International Director for the Africa Youth Award, Glenys  London, commended all the young men for all the work they were doing and assured them of Lifewater UK commitment towards supporting to them as they work with Lifewater and as the Lord provides.

The AYA members extended their gratitude to Watchmen International for the continuous support rendered to them in terms of monetary fund, raincoats, boots and bags to carry systems to carry replacements as the carryout monitoring. They kindly requested for some water bottles to help them carry safe water during their visits on hot days!


Thank you AALL Foundation for all the help you have extended to Uganda in the past and for especially to Budadiri district. Over 750 people from 124 homesteads and 400 pupils from school will be able to access clean water due to this most recent distribution.