SIRONKO – BUMATOFU (with the AALL Foundation) February 2022

The distribution of 125 Lifewater Systems to households in this area was a part of the on-going Lifewater projects generously sponsored by the Aall Foundation. This distribution workshop included training for reconditioning Lifewater systems which had been donated in previous distributions. The reconditioning projects, carried out as part of the Aall Foundation’s sponsorship, enable previously donated Lifewater systems to continue providing clean, fresh drinking water for many years.

Our team reports:

The distribution took place on 14-16th February, with the reconditioning training In the afternoon of 16th. This was also attended by two Lifewater coordinators from Kenya. They had come to be trained together with the Sironko Lifewater monitoring team, so that they could begin a reconditioning programme for a number of villages in their own country.


The distribution workshops were conducted from Bukyambi Christian Healing Centre Church. All the beneficiaries received a mask to protect them. This is a regular Lifewater practice during the Covid-19 pandemic. The recipients were encouraged to keep following the Governmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and taking care of their health. The Africa Youth Award (AYA) members and the Lifewater core team worked together to train the recipients in the importance of always using clean and safe drinking water, and in setting up and maintaining the Lifewater systems.

Training taking place!

The beneficiaries were first taught how the Lifewater system works. They were then divided into smaller groups to be taught the practical part of connecting the various parts of the Lifewater systems. This was done by the trained AYA members. They did this so well as they understood the native language and helped save time in there being no need for an interpreter. 

A total of 125 kits were given out over the three days. It was a joy to find that most of the beneficiaries had made stands prior to receiving of the kits. This showed us the determination and the willingness they had. It was also a representation of the tremendous sensitisation carried out by the AYA members led by the local Lifewater Coordinator.

The Reconditioning Team


Reconditioning training:

On 16th February, the Sironko AYA team plus the two visitors from Kenya went through the reconditioning training. This training was to re-equip AYA members who have been involved in monitoring in the past. 125 ceramic water filters and other spare parts were available for replacing all the exhausted parts in Bumirisa village in Sironko. This village had benefited 3 years ago from a Lifewater distribution.

The training also focused on the Kenyan team as to how the programme was to be carried out, exposing common mistakes made in the past. The training programme went on well and to aid their work, they were given reconditioning monitoring report forms needed for the reconditioning monitoring exercise.


We extend our sincere gratitude to the AALL foundation for the continuous support towards the distributions in SIRONKO, and also thanks to the UK Board together with Uganda Lifewater core team for their efforts in this.

Thank you.