RHINO CAMP Phase 10, March 2021

Emergency Kit Distribution to Refugees

Sponsored by Water Works and the Aall Foundation

After a challenging 2-day journey, the Lifewater Team arrived at Arua. Their first task was to train the Church of Uganda team to take the programme forward on our behalf.

A representative of the Church of Uganda expressed their appreciation for the partnership Watchmen International with Madi and West Nile Diocese in supporting the refugees.

Pastor Caleb Kabaho of the Lifewater team introduced the items in the kit and their various uses. He taught them how to make holes in the buckets. The training went well with Fabian, Stephen, Godfrey, Rita and Pastor Caleb teaching various topics as per the programme.

After a late lunch we had time to plan for the next days’ distributions.

The meeting was closed by the Diocesan Secretary who expressed his gratitude for the capacity building we had done with his team to ensure continuity of our work. He mentioned that this increased a sense of ownership and would ensure that no kits keep in their stores for long.

Rhino camp Church of Uganda team

The distribution took place at Camp churches in Ofua 1 and Ofua 2 following all the Covid-19 standard operating procedures. A total of 199 kits were given out to families with special needs in these areas.  The beneficiaries were first trained on how to set up and maintain the kits before receiving them. The training on the first day was done by the Lifewater team while that on the second day was done by the Church of Uganda team. This enabled them to learn from us and also practice what they had learnt. We are confident that with more practice they will be able to carry out these distributions.

The beneficiaries were very grateful for the help rendered to them!


Olega, from the Office of the Prime minister, who accompanied us throughout the distribution extended his gratitude to the Church of Uganda and Watchmen international and Water works for extending this help to the refugees. He informed us that during this Covid-19 pandemic lockdown many refugees had suffered so much. This is because most partners are no longer operational in the Camp and some have no funds to continue their work. The long dry spell has also brought about scarcity of water and the only available water is very dirty. Olega was very grateful for this help that will go a long way in helping them. He encouraged the beneficiaries to share clean drinking water with their neighbors who have not received the kits today. Homes with more than one person with special needs were given only one kit since it can be shared with the whole family.  This was a way to maximize the use of the available resources.

Olega assured us of our safety in the Camp which gave us much peace as we worked in the Camp.


We are grateful to God for the safe Journey mercies and strength he gave to us. We also thank him for prospering our trip. We happy with the team we trained and are confident they can carry out the distributions.

More so we are happy with the disciplined beneficiaries we had this time. We highly commend their discipline and patience. We are happy we worked as an awesome team and achieved all we needed to in good time.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Transformed International and all our donors, including Water Works and the Aall Foundation for the support towards the success of this distribution.