Aall Foundation Lifewater Refresh gets underway

At the end of September, our core Lifewater Team started rolling out the training programme that was featured in our previous newsletter – Lifewater in Lockdown. The aim is to bring 2,400 existing Lifewater Systems, donated over the last 7 years by The Aall Foundation, into good working order again.

The first set of trainees assembled in Katoma, Uganda, on September 30th for the first training session. After having their temperature checked and being given masks (made by members of the local team), they were allocated seats at appropriate distances and briefed on the procedures for prevention of the spread of COVID-19. The importance of hygiene was especially re-emphasised.

The teams were fully trained regarding the refurbishment project and the new monitoring system being put in place. They were then sent out to carry out some assessments in the local village.

The training was repeated at Nyakabungo and Rwene two weeks later. These 3 centres cover nearly 1000 Lifewater systems, which will be visited in the coming weeks and the systems refurbished. Monitoring will then be restarted, ensuring the provision of clean drinking water for the months and years ahead, for thousands of people in these deprived rural areas!

 The UK Boards of Transformed International, and Lifewater UK (through whom the logistics are implemented), have been really impressed by the professionalism of the teams and the thoroughness with which they have implemented these projects!

The teams and the recipients all expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to The Aall Foundation for their generous sponsorship of these life-giving and life-saving projects.