Katoma Kanoga Village Lifewater Distribution December 2023 with the Aall Foundation

Lifewater, in collaboration with The Aall Foundation, conducted a two-day distribution event in Katoma Village, Kasule Subcounty, Kyegengwa District, Uganda early in December 2023. The primary focus was to provide Lifewater ceramic filtration systems to households, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water.

Fresh water access rates in Kyegegwa vary from 20 % in Ruyonza Sub-County to 55 % in Hapuuyo Sub-County. Kyegegwa has 661 domestic water points which serve a total of 150,193 people – 133,539 of them in rural areas. (131 water points have been non-functional for over 5 years and are considered abandoned.)

All locally sourced and piped water has to be boiled, an expensive and environmentally damaging task, or treated with chemicals, to kill water-borne bacteria and parasites. Lifewater filtration kits eliminate the need for this and produce sediment-free, pure drinking water from any freshwater source without boiling or chemicals.

Preparation for the distribution workshop

Prior to the distribution dates, a Community Engagement was done with the Local leaders and community members by the Katoma Area coordinator Kabaho Caleb and the Africa Youth Award members in Katoma village. This area has about 700 households and for this distribution 125 households were blessed to receive a static water filtration system. The area leaders carried out the selection of beneficiaries from the Kanoga village.

Preparation for the distibution workshop

The Lifewater core team worked together with the Katoma village Africa Youth Award members. The beneficiaries were briefed on the upcoming distribution, emphasizing the importance of clean water and the need to make proper stands in order to use the systems well.

Each household received necessary instructions on installation and maintenance. The Lifewater Team conducted training sessions on proper filter usage and maintenance. Demonstration and hands-on training were provided to ensure effective implementation.

Spot check monitoring will be carried out by the Africa Youth Award team to ensure that the systems are well set up and to confirm if the beneficiaries understood the training.

Beneficiaries being trained


  • Community Response: The community members expressed gratitude for the donation and showed eagerness to utilize the filters for improved water
  • Community leader Response: The area leaders were very grateful that finally after a long wait that their village had also received the kits. They encouraged the members to use the systems well as they will benefit them and their families.
  • Area Coordinator: Mr Kabaho Caleb extends his sincere gratitude for support given to his village.
  • Africa Youth Award members: Expressed their gratitude towards the Lifewater UK board for their continued support that is enabling them to assist in this work. They informed us that they are committed to monitor the beneficiaries and support them to use the systems well.


The distribution of 125 water ceramic filters in Katoma Village aimed to address the critical need for clean water access. Lifewater remains committed to monitoring the impact of the initiative and supporting the community in sustaining the benefits of these filters.


Lifewater and the recipient community extends sincere appreciation to The Aall Foundation for their generous donation and continuous support in promoting better health and well-being in underserved communities.